What feature pleases you the most for new camera purchase

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Re: What feature pleases you the most for new camera purchase

For ME, a new camera purchase would follow on a line of former camera purchases.  I currently have a D200, D300, D700 and D800e, all with grips.  Only the D800e gets any use now.

There are times I want a second body with me, but it has to be well-matched to the one I'm using.   A DX/FX mix didn't work for me (D300/D700).   While my D200 mixed well with my D300, the D700/D800e combo just doesn't as I invariably go for the D800e only.

So - a new camera would please me if it matches up well with the D800e, meaning FX and similar capabilities.

D800s sounds good just on that reasoning.

D800s sounds better since it improves on weaknesses of the D800e, specifically frame rate.   Been a long time since I've had to shoot at only 4fps.

Each of my last four cameras were primarily purchased because they gave me about 1 stop better low light performance, opening up more shooting opportunities around dusk.   If Nikon comes out with another camera that's yet again a stop better, I'm highly interested.   I've got enough (!) pixels, but I can always use better low light capability and faster frame rate.

Frame rate is even more important for a wildlife (DX) camera, assuming modern sensor.

Finally, I'm really really really sick of having to buy new, overly expensive batteries and chargers.  I get the large battery for grips with my cameras, other than the D200.  Nikon changes batteries on me again, I may pass on a purchase.

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