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Re: 28mm f1.8G, 58 f1.4G 80-200 f2.8D

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May I suggest that you carefully think about your desired photographic outcomes, prioritise them and then plan accordingly. What is it that some say about "paralysis by analysis?"

Wise advice.

It's reasonable to assume from the question I'm asking that I'm planning to go buy my first three lenses and am looking for recommendations. That's not at all the case. I have more lenses than I need, both primes and zooms, and I'm not "paralyzed" in the sense you mean. After all these years, I'm still having a lot of fun experimenting with lenses and techniques (and simply taking pictures!), but I've always been curious about what others have learned from their own experiences. Occasionally, I'll slap my forehead and think, Of course, why didn't I think of that? The rest of the time, it's just...interesting.

OK then, turnaround is fair play, what 3 lenses could you not live without?

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