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Re: 28mm f1.8G, 58 f1.4G 80-200 f2.8D

TQGroup wrote:

May I suggest that you carefully think about your desired photographic outcomes, prioritise them and then plan accordingly. What is it that some say about "paralysis by analysis?"

Wise advice.

It's reasonable to assume from the question I'm asking that I'm planning to go buy my first three lenses and am looking for recommendations. That's not at all the case. I have more lenses than I need, both primes and zooms, and I'm not "paralyzed" in the sense you mean. After all these years, I'm still having a lot of fun experimenting with lenses and techniques (and simply taking pictures!), but I've always been curious about what others have learned from their own experiences. Occasionally, I'll slap my forehead and think, Of course, why didn't I think of that? The rest of the time, it's just...interesting.

As to eliminating "price bias", good luck with that!

True enough, but I can try. I'd rather know which lens you would choose if money were not an issue than which lens you consider "good enough given the cost", because "good enough" will depend on your budget, and all I need to consider is my own budget.

Finally, making a comprehensive decision now for the future ignores new possibilities. For example, had I planned 18 months ago (when I bought my D600) my entire lens selection, I would not have known about the Nikon 58 F1.4G that was soon to be announced... a lens I have lusted after for 40 years!

Yes, but all we can really discuss right now is what's available now. In reality, we tend to upgrade our lens systems one lens at a time, considering both what is available and what we already have. But what is available is the same for everyone, while what we already have differs. So, I spin the experiment a bit to emphasize what is common to us all and de-emphasize what differs radically from person to person.

It's not perfect, but I hope it's still interesting.

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