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This was a difficult exercise!

I stand by my choices, posted earlier, but wanted to add that I factored-out the lenses I use at work, which are primarily an ultra-wide zoom, and a 100mm macro, as mentioned in my signature lines. Even so, I could still perform my job with my three choices, though lack of AF would be a significant challenge, as I shoot my evidentiary images at night, and have reached the age at which seeing at night is becoming more difficult. (One of my chosen lenses, the Voigtlander 90/3.5, has a screw-on close range element, that attaches in the manner of a filter.)

The most difficult choice was the Nikkor 18mm 2.8D, as it is a recent acquisition, with which I have little experience at this point. The Nikkor 16-35/4 VR would have been a quite logical choice, being the Nikon equivalent of the Canon 10-22mm EF-S (DX equivalent) that I use at work now. An 18mm prime can fill this role, but may well  require more shots at some scenes, and compel me to try to zoom with my feet, which is not always possible at work, due to the need to avoid treading upon evidence and/or contaminaed areas. It was simpler to leave my on-the-job needs out of the equation.

Even so, choosing an ultra-wide prime, rather than a wide-normal prime, was not so easy, and selecting the 18mm, with its complex moustache distortion, rather than my 16mm 2.8D Fisheye, with its greater but simpler distortion, was also difficult.

My choices for this exercise also limit my ability to shoot birds and wildlife, which is somewhat rare for me at this point in time, but will potentially be a significant part of my life when I retire, which is likely to happen in considerably less than ten years, perhaps as soon as next year.

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I wear a badge and pistol, and, primarily with 7D cameras, with an EF-S 10-22mm and 100mm Macro L, make evidentiary images at night, which incorporates elements of portrait, macro, still life, landscape, architecture, and PJ. During personal time, I enjoy using both Canons and Nikons.

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