Tried to clean the dust from my OVF on my 6D... won't do that again

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Tried to clean the dust from my OVF on my 6D... won't do that again

Just want to share my experience for another newbie's benefit.

So I have had my 6D for less than a year, but felt like it was time to give it a cleaning since I started to notice some specs thru my OVF, but not on my pics.

First was easy, microfiber in the eye piece.  Done.

Then I just took the lens off, in my living room.  Probably would do my office, after a cleaned the desk and setup more dust protection next time.  I got my air bulb and turned the body facing down and blew up into it a a few times, letting gravity do its thing.  Looked thru the viewfinder and there was more dust lol.

I saw this clip, of course the kid in me couldn't stop myself and I pushed on it.  The small metal tray came down and the frosted plastic piece came down and I used the pump to push more air around, but this did not help.  I could swear I saw the specs, so I used the Adorama lens brush I had, that left lines on the mirror.

OK..this is when I felt sick.  I should have never have opened it.

I got my microfiber cloth, which was a bit damp from a few hours earlier.  Like maybe 5% damp... I gently wiped the mirror and it was fine after that.  I realized it might have some microscopic moisture on it, so I stopped using that microfiber and moved to a new one that was fresh from the package.  Gave the mirror and the frosted plastic a gentle wipe.  blew some air up into the cavity where the AF dots are.  Did not wipe it, but I put the microfiber clothing inside that area and moved it around a little to see if it would pick up some dust.  More blowing, and then the blower exploded and the tip shot up at the AF points lol.  I was like, what a nightmare.

I happend to be up late, live in Asia, so I used Vonage to call the USA and spoke to Canon USA and they said I didn't do anything that could damage my camera and that the microfiber cloth is fine, as long as I'm very gentle.

This morning, I gave the air one more shot to get rid of the dust.  No go.  I even used some compressed air, but very softly, from far away, and with the can vertical.  But no go.

All of this was with the mirror down, I did not blow on the sensor...

At this point, I realized I needed to get professional service.

Went to Canon at MBK, Bangkok - 3 hours later, mirror and sensor are clean ... $12.  New frosted plastic piece included.  No spots, etc.  Lucky I didn't damage anything expensive to repair.  Stupid me... I will NEVER try to clean it myself again.  Going to bring it to Canon once every X months and let them clean it.

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