Which wireless flash trigger can control manual speed lights independently?

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Re: Which wireless flash trigger can control manual speed lights independently?

markpaterson wrote:


I have a Nikon D600. I'm looking to build an inexpensive speed light system consisting of 2 off camera manual-only speed lights (possibly Yongnuo YN 560 II) and a wireless radio triggering system. It must be non line of sight.

I need to be able to adjust each flash independently directly from the transmitter. For example, lets say I set flash #1 to be 1/4 and flash #2 to be 1/16. I want to be able to make a independent adjustments to either without walking over to each one and fiddling with them separately.

I think the Phottix Odin might offer this feature, as it features an LCD screen on the transmitter showing power values, but seeing as the Odin offers TTL too, I feel I'm mostly paying for TTL which I don't ever plan on using. Is there a cheaper non-TTL solution to this problem?


So it looks like you need to decide if you want your system to take advantage of your existing flashes, the SB-700 or not and you plan to sell them.

If you keep them you can go Phottix Odin, Cactus V6, or YN-622-N, or even PW flexTT and get remote power at a minimum.

If you want to sell them and only want remote power you can go with

- YN-560-TX and YN-560 III flashes

- Phottix Odin and Mistro+ flashes

- Godox V850 with FT-16s control

- Cactus V6 qith RF-60 flashes

These are the one's I'm familiar with.

I think the Phottix Odin + Mistro+ plus Odin receivers or Cactus V6 + V6 Transceivers + RF60 are the only one that would allow you to use your Nikon flashes and another flash together and get wireless remote power for both. I will have to double check on the Odin System. I know the Cactus system can do this since the V6 will fire the RF-60 plus almost any TTL flash like the Nikon ones  and control the power.

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