Quattro sensor misgivings

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Quattro sensor misgivings

I seems to me that the Quattro can only deliver an accurate 5MP worth of color data. Along with the ability to capture 20mp monochrome with an enhanced sensitivity to blue light.

The top layer pixels can be binned and the color can be captured at 5MP resolution, but I don't see how the 20 MP top layer can be reliably used for anything beyond that, not in a color image.

No information exists that can further differentiate the readings from the top layer into either chroma or luminance beyond the 5MP limitation of the deeper layers.

When details are present that exceed Nyquist for the deeper layers then the top layer is useless. If 1 top layer pixel out of the 4 covering red and green pixel shows a substantially higher reading than any of the others, you can't reliably determine whether it should be brighter or bluer than the other 3.

Consider this example:

100 Blue lines on peach background

As resolved across across 408 top layer pixels on Quattro (204 deeper layer pixels) at 100%

As resolved across  354  Merrill pixels.

Bear in mind at these color values the top layer Quattro pixels are all assumed to detect the same value. The blue may need to be slightly lighter or darker to achieve the same top level pixel value for both colors. Obviously the top layer pixels are useless for increasing the basic 5MP color resolution of the Quattro in this example.

Maybe I'm missing something here. If that's the case, then please enlighten me.

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