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Re: Partial Skyline: Miami, a prior working image

19andrew47 wrote:

Tom, I agree with you about the water on the left. I had tried to do something with it but couldn't get a satisfactory result so stopped here. The original version had trees in the lower left corner. Perhaps it would have been better to have left them? The version below is what it looked like prior to the tree removal and a tiny crop to the left side. I had wanted to add some detail to the water there but gave up perhaps prematurely.


Yes, yes, yes ..

Andrew the trees make all the difference as they fill the visual "blank" very well. The equally blank sky is of no consequence as the human eye easily adapts to skies and it seems to me that the whole object of the image is the impact of the geometric residential towers. A weak sky would tend to detract from the visual impact. If there were thunderheads then you would be off on a completely different visual journey where the story you would be telling is the threatening skies of the power of nature making light of all human pretenses of immortality.

But here in this image it is a proud statement of humans flaunting nature and the elements. In fact only the intruding trees and the reflections give nature a chance to be a simple handmaiden to our very obvious dominating presence.

It could almost be seen as a sly joke about human efforts to "improve" on nature?

It reminds me of the "realtor's jingle": "With a ladder and some glasses you could see to Romney Marshes if it wasn't for the houses in between".

I think it a great image well executed.

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