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Intimacy in a square crop..

Lizz, I suppose this is late afternoon shot and it certainly carries the atmosphere of een old and small fishermans village, but the light is despite the time of the day quite harsh and it hurts the intimacy of that moment and atmosphere.

I took the challenge on this one for you on my personal vision and Lizz relax as anyone will understand that it takes some time for you to get all the options possible within your skills. It has cost me a lot of time but it is worth it.

I've chose a sqaire crop so I can place the person (seems drunk) into the rule of third. I've put the image into B&W and adjust the colour sliders to my liking, than I chose a Luminosity Blend. After that I've brought in two gradienst, one from the left and one from the right to create the late afternoon atmosphere, adjust the opacity and there you are, simple isn't it No it is not. This is just a summary of steps.

I'm curious about your idea about it and the result and please say what you think about it without any reservation.

Lizz, it was already a lovely image but it has just to reveal the possibilities.


Intimacy in a square crop

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