Photographer assaulted for taking pictures.

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Paranoia Should NEVER Be Respected, and Times Should Be FORCED to Not Change

As Wilt Chamberlain once said, "times do change, but sometimes what we need to do is change BACK" (or something like that).

People's attitudes may be changing, arguably, but that doesn't mean what is right or wrong should. I will NEVER be inclined to "respect" someone who is just simply being paranoid for no good reason and is simply being ignorant, especially if they are asking me to stop taking photos throughout an entire public area vs simply asking that I try to frame around them etc. What next, should I "respect" someone by holding my breath and dying of asphyxiation because they're a germaphobe and fear dying of germs because I'm breathing?

Any attempts to change the law to make it to where people suddenly are required to start asking everyone's PERMISSION to take photos in public, that needs to be defeated, and emphatically so--and frankly, anyone who would vote for this nonsense needs to be run out of town on a rail. They're potentially destroying an entire art genre for no good reason, only because they're being paranoid, and paranoid people should not be allowed to write the rules for people who actually have brains and good sense.

As for I operate--if someone asks me NICELY, I don't mind NICELY showing them past examples of photos I've taken and how I have nothing sneaky up my sleeve (never mind that I DO have the right to take photos of them regardless). If that satisfies them, then that's fine, we might even part shaking hands. If they continue to object at that point, though, I then summarily dismiss them with a wave of the hand and a tone that says "I don't have to explain myself to an ignoramus who wouldn't understand good taste if it bit them on the nose." I don't suffer fools lightly, and I don't need to explain myself to an imbecile with pancake batter for brains. Come back and talk to me when you GET some brains--until then, I don't have the desire to explain myself to a moron.

And yes, I have told them as much, and at that point even said such things as "it's not my responsibility to help you with your mental illness, that's what mental institutions are for."

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