Why I'm not giving away my E-3

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Why I'm not giving away my E-3

Permission to unload please!

But first, I've been busy and life is beautiful! E-3 + 14-54mm.

No on to the regularly scheduled kvetching and carrying on.

I've been trying to sell my E-3 and it's turned out to be tricky business. I first listed it on Ebay with the E-3, 14-54mm (v1), 50-200mm (v1), 2 batteries, and 32gb Extreme card. The 50-200mm needs repair, so the listing was $699 (So basically $200ish for the 50-200mm). Someone bid on it from the Russian Federation although I said I will not sell or ship outside the US. Sending anything to the Russian Fed and it may not get to the recipient (even if they are honest). The buyer tried to force the sale, but I figured out how to block foreign paypal just before it ended. Also the offer to buy it now from someone in Belarus sounded a little fishy.

After wrestling with the ebay process to resolve the dispute (much to the buyers displeasure), I tried Craigslist. Well, I got a bunch of hits. One offering me $800 to ship it to a friend because they are on active duty in the military and really want the camera now. Gerrrr.... no! I very clearly stated "In cash in person only!" I felt like writing back "Sorry that you can't cheat me today. Best of luck with your online pillaging."

Then I got this email:


"The 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 (version 1) weather sealed lens in need of service with hood and caps. (Original Price $1200; Street Price now $450)"

At today Craigslist price is Zero. The lens is broken.This is not even the E-5. It's going for less than $250 used. And no one will touch it used.The 14-54 Mark II has a better weather sealed which your is the first model.The battery in a simple word, USELESS.

So asking for $650.00 for body that wasn't even good to E-5, with only lens (not SWD) are extremely high.

Let me know if you can't sell it for $250.00. My students may want to use.

It is ashamed that Olympus creased making 4/3 because they could not make 1/1 camera.Due to all lenses 4/3 and m4/3 are 1/2 reduction lenses.Now, since AT/Sony own Olympus.
Or if you want to buy, I got some pro equipment:

ATG Hasselblad H5DATG RedATG Canon EOS-1D CATG Canon EOS-1D X IRATG Sony SLT-A99ATG Sony A7sATG Sony A7s IRATG Sony DSC-RX10 (modified with ATG/Carl Zeiss T* 24-200/2.0)ATG Sony DSC-RX10 IR

Many Olympus users are jumping to Sony.
And if they are elites and pros, they will get ATG's.
Again this is not the Olympus E-5, which didn't sell well at all nor SWD lenses in version II.

Please don't think of the letter as to insult you on prices.

Truly, An


And my reply:

I would sell it to you for $250 if your name wasn't a preposition. Sorry, I don't deal with prepositions.


Why do you think people feel they can shame folks into selling their gear to them for cheap? So anyhow, after closing the ebay case as a "no-pay" I relisted just the E-3, 14-54mm, 2 batteries, 32gb extreme card for $450. Still waiting a bid on that one. I decided to keep the 50-200mm and have it repaired to either sell separately or keep for use on my E-1 until E-M1s are cheap.

Here's why I'm not giving away my E-3 with lenses. It's a really classy sealed body + lens combo giving 28-108mm (equiv.) coverage at 2.8-3.5 speed. The pictures are sharp across the entire frame. The AF is fast enough and accurate for most people with almost any subject (excepting birds in flight with super teles maybe). The tilt-swivel screen is unique in a weather sealed robust enthusiast DSLR. The dust buster is the best in the business. The buffer is deep, the viewfinder is quality 100%, the IQ is great below ISO800 and usable above that in a pinch, and the kit will last for years and tens of thousands of more frames. Where else can you get a sealed "pro-spec" DSLR with sealed lens and these features for $450?

I've decided to keep my E-1, 11-22mm, 50-200mm, FL-50/FL-36, and Tamron SP manual lenses. Probably will add a K5iis for the short term. Can't predict the long term.

Thanks for letting me vent. I'm sick of spam and con artists. I hope I can get this E-3 and 14-54mm into the hands of someone who will use it, enjoy it's strengths, and work around it's weaknesses, which considering the cost and unique combination of features are easy to forgive, IMO. One thing for sure, I don't want to "give" this camera and lens to a criminal. Besides, I really could use the spare cash because I can't afford to buy my next camera without selling something to offset the cost.



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