Did you upgrade from the K-5 to the K-3?

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Re: Allow me to comment on DPRs "cautionary statements" .....

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Do you have any comments about DPR's cautionary statements regarding 'Pentax color' in the summary of its K-3 review?

Nonsense and balderdash. I have shot little but JPEG with a succession of Pentax DSLRs, from the *istDS, K10D, K20D, K-5, K-5IIs and K-3. I haven't had a complaint about their colour rendition. The K-3 so far is the best as far as tweaking the camera's image output in JPEG. The K-3 leaves the Nikon D7100 behind for JPEG colour straight out of the camera.

On a more general note, although folks who haven't upgraded will tell you there is little difference between the K-5 (including the II & IIs) and the K-3 but the truth is the K-3 is MUCH advanced on the K-5 series in focus speed and accuracy, flash accuracy and general "quickness" in use. The K-3 is every bit a match for the Nikon D7100 - but with faster frame rate and bigger buffer. Don't underestimate the K-3 - it's a big upgrade, nothing incremental about it.

I think those of us who haven't upgraded are assuming that the improvements will seem incremental when compared with the following (presumably 32 megapixel) APS-C flagship release. As is usually the case with these things I think it depends on how you intend to use the camera.

I tend to focus manually and use manual flash. The K5 burst rate is faster than I need, and so for me I think there are few situations where I'd get significantly higher IQ from the K3, even though I'm sure all the improvements would be beneficial if not overly dramatic considering how I shoot.

They often say that you should skip a generation before upgrading. Well, that probably depends on what specifically you want or need in a new camera. For me, that gives more time to upgrade the PC to a suitable level to deal with the much higher files sizes it'll likely be faced with!

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