FZ-1000 25-400mm equivalent f/2.8-4.0 Leica Lens

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Panny mFT sensor is now on par with Sony's

MarioV wrote:

Deso wrote:

And 4K? Give me decent 1080P instead....4K is a future that is so far away for now...

I shoot only family videos and even my 1080P material has to be transferred to 720P to get to a reasonable file size that I can send around.
Not convinced...

If you havent already, download some 4K content and watch it on your 1080p screen. It looks amazingly detailed. Far better than 1080p. The only limiting factor is you wont get 60p framerate..and ok the file size is much larger.

4K TVs are getting more affordable also but there isnt much content. If you are filming a lazy gorgeous landscape where 30p is plenty, its looks totally gorgeous in 4K.

Think of the camera as future-proof.

DxO shows actually that the GH4 has the best m43 sensor currently (but if you go through all the ISO values I'd say it is a draw). I have the GH4 and the EPl5 (Pany vs OLy) and the GH4 is very similar but indeed seems to have better dynamic range (it is notable, bit surprised by it).

If Panny can beat or equal Sony in 4/3 sensors there is no reason they will do the same in 1"sensors. May be they'll just go for the Sony version. It is very good and indeed in m43 territory. At least at lower ISO it is.

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