FZ-1000 25-400mm equivalent f/2.8-4.0 Leica Lens

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Re: Very interesting, but probably expensive

At the standard 1£=1$ camera currency exchange rate you could be right.

There could be a better chance it may not sell as well as the FZ200 so they may start dumping it in a year or so. Probably better to wait. The RX10 is dropping a bit so a mid range lottery winner could possibly afford it now with the cashback.

It is amazing the sort of money being discussed on compact forums nowadays.

SteB wrote:

It looks very interesting and overcomes the main problem with the RX10 for me, the long end of zoom. It might look a bit short compared to modern superzooms, but it actually has a wider range than my old FZ20, and is as long at the long end. I think the main problem will be price.

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