The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: Answer 2

Jerry Fusselman wrote:

I can't imagine this quibble causing a violent agreement. Can we call it equal or better? Or not worse? I hardly think the label matters so much if we agree on the basic conclusions.

Any of those terms work fine. I'd say "essentially equivalent" based on the DxO data. As always YMMV.

For color depth? Take two shots, one at ISO 100 and one at ISO 200 and see if you can tell the difference when the EXIF is stripped.

Yeah, I think I can. Perhaps you can state the experiment you have in mind more completely.

For a couple of different scenes, take two shots that are identical except for ISO 100 and 200 and appropriate shutter speed. Process them with converter defaults and save as 16-bit TIFF. Strip the EXIF and have someone else rename them. Then see how well you can tell which is which. You may either print or view on screen.

Yes, I agree with you if you are highlighting the arbitrariness of 30bB and if you are saying that it is better to focus on the data from the curves instead. Do I seem to understand you better on this part now?

Yes, that's what I was trying to get across. For a single number proxy, using the 30dB value isn't bad as long as you realize that small differences have little relevance. The sin of numeracy DxO commits is pretending this data deserves 4 significant digits in display and burying the 25% or 1/3 stop significance disclaimer two clicks away.

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