Some Dimage EX1500 owners / users around?

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Re: Some Dimage EX1500 owners / users around?

HarrisL wrote:

schaki wrote:

Oh. I almost always found that optical viewfinder frustrating to use for composition as not wanted things on the right and left sides got into the frame in pictures.

I believe that the old 2mp Nikon Coolpix 700 is the only one I've used which have had an ok viewfinder, not 100% accurate though.

True, although that was much the same with most film PAS cameras too.

Even after the firmware update the Minolta's screen was pretty sluggish and never a joy to use.

I didn't think it was that bad except for moving subjects. Surely not fast refresh-rate but not critically bad either.

I generally use the fast 28mm lens and switch the screen off as much as I can, pretty much treating the EX1500 like a film point-and-shoot. Looking back at old photos, the 'real' B&W mode, accessible with one button, gave the best results (and allowed 30% more shots on those little cards!). This is what I use now.

The Dimage EX 1500 can be used with 256mb cards at least without problem. But it wont work well with my two 2gb cards the Sandisk Extreme III or Lexar Pro 2gb. The camera can save and review pictures with these two cards but when I put them into a cardreader it says that I need to format the cards and can't use it properly. I had to use file-recovery program to get the pictures on these cards.

Not sure however it would work well with 512mb or 1gb cards as I not have CF cards in these sizes to test.

Would be great if it was possible to use manual focus or Infinity with the 28mm or the zoom module as especially the 28mm have loud AF. But I've not got into writing scripts for it. Maybe I should try that sometime.

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