Why legacy lenses sometimes work so so, and why a speedboster helps.

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Re: Why legacy lenses sometimes work so so, and why a speedboster helps.

belcanto wrote:

Just read this at Lensrentals

To put it shortly.There seems to be a peice of optical glass in front of the sensor that sometimes make things hard for legacy lenses. But a speedboster compensates for this and brings out the best in these older lenses. Food for thought....


I have seen this mentioned before but it is not clear (at least to me) why adding an additional generic glass element to a well designed lens would be an improvement. For instance, there is a gigantic thread @ fredmiranda dedicated to modern digital Nikon bodies solely using manual legacy Nikkors. There are hundreds of incredible photos posted there with lenses which were designed well before the digital era & the employment of any optical glass covering the sensor. Certain lenses perform better than others but those that excelled in the film days also excel with modern digital sensors, whether it be crop or FF.

From my experience, the small collection of old school manual lenses I use with the XE-1 are excellent performers using a $25 adapter. I would not mind trying a speedbooster at some point for curiosity's sake but @ $400, it needs to have one darn good return policy.


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