Which one of this lenses is the best option ? If they have almost the same price.

Started Jun 11, 2014 | Questions thread
darklamp Senior Member • Posts: 3,567
For what purpose ?

You did not say what subjects or type of photography you expect to shoot with the lens, and it's hard to advise you without that ( although people seem happy to ).

I take the view that you either have a real need for f2.8 on a telephoto zoom or you don't.

As you're considering an f4 instead then in the absence of more information I'd have to presume there's no reason to get the f2.8.

But then the question arises do you even need f4 constant ?

Do you guys thing that the IS of the f4 will be enough for replacing the 1 stop that increases in the f4 ?

All IS lets you do is use a longer shutter speed that you would otherwise. So you don't get more light. If you need to freeze subject motion IS doesn't help at all and it can make things worse by giving the false impression you can shoot at slow shutter speeds and get away with it.

But again, what are you shooting that requires a large heavy zoom ?

And for that matter what camera are you using to shoot it ?

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