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Re: Should we split the E-mount form, continuation

kaku wrote:

Tuloom wrote:

kaku wrote:

This site needs to change the preview photos from 560px to 1024px more than worrying about the forum schism silliness. 560px too small and outdated.

I like the preview size as is as I don't always need to view images large. If you need to view larger or pixel peep, you can just click the image to zoom/enlarge it.

When someone posts an image it gets lost at 560. That resolution worked well back in '92.

It does not get lost. Displaying a lower resolution is only meant to convey a preview of the image. Hence, the reason you have the option of clicking to go bigger. Not only that, but having a smaller image allows for less bandwidth usage and quicker page loads.

Load times are fine in all of the images thread on FM, POTN, etc... POTN limits to 1024. FM is mix, but there's a lot at 1280. Insignificant load times in those threads.

It silly in 2014 to have images on a photography site appear at 560. You are forced to hit original or magnify. It's extra steps. They are easy steps, but when you total the round trip up, form larger photo back to the thread, it's significant over time and a real ass pain in the image threads. It's even worse when someone links from their gallery. You're taken to the gallery first; only then can you find a larger image with yet another click.

With all that stated, I would be agreeable to having larger resolution images if the message column width were expanded. Currently, it only takes up about 60% of the screen. They should make it 80% with 20% allocated for the extra links/ads.

No doubt. The entire left column is a waste. The Most Popular Camera, Top Threads, and worst of all, that sophomoric Top Posters list ---which only serves to motivate the obsessive afflicted to keep posting fluff and doodle--- all could be trash canned. Get rid of all that crap and replace with ads.

More money for the site and the site becomes better for people who actually use a camera. Win Win.

It's like a hookah bar full of cabbage patch dolls around here--- dated and passe. No one wants to be there.

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