Nex F3 upgrade - Nex 6 or A6000 ?

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Nex F3 upgrade - Nex 6 or A6000 ?


1. Background:

I bought the Nex F3 camera in January last year. The reasoning for this purchase was mostly wrong Here's why:

- as I was graduating from a Canon Point&Shoot I thought the lack of physical controls won't be a problem. Turns out I was wrong.

- again, as I came from a P&S, I thought that not having a viewfinder will be OK. Wrong again.

- The lack of fast AF was meaningless to me back then, because I didn't understand notions like contrast detection or phase detection.

What I did get right:

- I learned how to take photographs with this camera. I now understand and can work with ISO, exposure, aperture, DOF, exposure compensation, etc.

- The image quality is exceptional. I keep surprising my local print guy when I show up with pictures I want framed, as he keeps asking what expensive DSLR I use

- This little camera has infected me with the photography bug. I'm driving my wife nuts, it's a new extraordinary hobby which I fell in love with.

2. Why I want to upgrade

- The lack of physical controls is very annoying. The only customizabile button the F3 has (outside the control wheel buttons) is nice for setting ISO for instance, but useless if I use the Canon FD lenses I have from my father's old Canon SLR, as that button is overwritten by the focus magnify function. I find myself fumbling through menus if I want to change things fast, like focus area, or ISO when using manual lenses, or flash compensation.

- AF works reasonably well in good light, and it pretty much fails most shots in low light. This is a problem, because I have a 8 months old baby girl, and as you fathers out there can confirm, a 8 months old baby will not stay put for a second, and it will only get "worse" as she starts to walk, run, etc. So I need faster AF.

- EVF. I had the opportunity to use an A6000 for a few hours as a loaner and I think it's amazing. I can frame my shots better, sunlight is no longer an issue, I eliminate "rogue" elements at the edges of frame, I move less as I have an extra support for the camera (my head, basically), and it makes focusing with my Canon FD 50mm f1.4 SSC a joy. I want one ! The problem is, the Sony Ev1S external EVF costs around 270 euros in my region, and I refuse to pay 40% out of a A6000 body just for that.

3.I don't know if I need an A6000, or a NEX6 will suffice.

Normally I'd just go out and buy the newest camera, but money are an issue (200 euro difference between bodies - no kit lens - where I live) so I need to seriously consider what I spend money on, especially considering I want to buy the 35mm f1.8 prime as well, which is around 450 euros.


-Both cameras have EVF. I don't know how the NEX6 one is, but I thought the A6000 one (which is technically worse) was fine to me.

-Megapixels. Do I need 24MP ? The largest prints I made would have easily fitted 4 megapixels, and I don't tend to crop like 2 thirds of a picture, so...would there be other differences between sensors ? I realize that the NEX6 will not be an upgrade in terms of image quality from my F3, and that's fine, btw.

-AF points. Unless I confuse specs, the NEX6 has 79 points in the center of the frame, while the 6000 has 179 across the whole frame. Do I need that capability ? Is there a significant difference in terms of speed and versatility between the 2 cameras ? The fastest "thing" I will photograph will be my baby girl, often in low light, so that's the criterion.

- Usability. Does the A6000 has extra buttons or features which might help me operate it faster than the NEX 6 ?

So, considering all this, and the 200 euros difference between bodies, please provide some feedback. Which one should I get ?
Are there any other considerations I haven't figured out yet between the 2, other than speed, AF, EVF and megapixel count ?

Thank you !

Sony a6000 Sony Alpha NEX-6
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