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Re: Should we split the E-mount form, continuation

Tuloom wrote:

kaku wrote:

This site needs to change the preview photos from 560px to 1024px more than worrying about the forum schism silliness. 560px too small and outdated.

I like the preview size as is as I don't always need to view images large. If you need to view larger or pixel peep, you can just click the image to zoom/enlarge it.

When someone posts an image it gets lost at 560. That resolution worked well back in '92.

It does not get lost. Displaying a lower resolution is only meant to convey a preview of the image. Hence, the reason you have the option of clicking to go bigger. Not only that, but having a smaller image allows for less bandwidth usage and quicker page loads.

With all that stated, I would be agreeable to having larger resolution images if the message column width were expanded. Currently, it only takes up about 60% of the screen. They should make it 80% with 20% allocated for the extra links/ads.

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