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Re: 28mm f1.8G, 58 f1.4G 80-200 f2.8D

TQGroup wrote:

Tough call for someone who prefers primes...

I imagine so, but three lenses seem to be plenty for some prime shooters and an intolerable constraint for others. It's interesting to see how that plays out differently for different people.

... best I could think of but its not a deal I would accept!

I definitely understand, and fortunately nobody has to. For ordinary budgets, three money-is-no-object lens purchases would probably have to be spread over a few years and lived with for a few more years, but after ten years, technology would have rendered your choice of optimal 3-lens system obsolete, so a ten-year lock seemed roughly appropriate for a thought experiment.

Of course, it's just a vehicle for gaining some insights from the pondering of those with experience without actually constraining anybody.

What I'm seeing is that despite the restriction in number of lenses, which might be an incentive to turn to more flexible lenses (zooms), it looks as though the most popular three-lens systems (in this group, given the conditions I mentioned) still combine three primes: one wide (28mm or less), one roughly normal (35-60mm), and one tele (85mm or more). Undoubtedly other groups would answer differently, but it's interesting to me how many people here would choose all or almost all primes, which is a specialization relative to more general-purpose zooms, yet nobody mentions a further specialization such as picking three wide angle primes (wide, wider, widest) or three teles (portrait, long, wildlife).

I'm thinking that the interpretation of this is that most of you, under these artificial constraints, are saying that you would choose systems for image quality as first priority, followed by as much flexibility and convenience as you could get without any sacrifice of image quality.

There are, of course, other strategies here, too, but it does appear that most respondents would include more (and heavier & more expensive) primes than zooms for their own purposes, under these conditions. That's interesting.

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