CANON REPORTEDLY working on new FF Sensor

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TrickTheLight wrote:

meland wrote:

You won't see any evidence of it. If it's any consolation to you, Canon does what it has to do but it rarely broadcasts what its detailed strategy is. Also it has over the years become very good at keeping its powder dry. And it plans a long way in advance, so us stressing about Canon not having the best sensor right at this moment, is not an issue in their much longer game plan.

Sometimes the rumor mill leaks, and sometimes it doesn't. We can be sure that the rumor at the head of this thread is true, they are working on new sensors. Could be they drop a new one tomorrow, might be years from now. I personally suspect that because it has been so long, that when they do drop something new, it will be something pretty different. The dual pixel concept wasn't expected, I wonder if they will push that concept even further. How about a dual pixel camera that can shoot at 24 megapixels in normal mode, or bin those dual pixels for better low light performance shooting at 12? Or change the numbers to compete with that huge nikon megapixel monster, and give us a 36 megapixel daylight/18 megapixel at night camera. Just making wild guesses, but the thing I strongly suspect is that they will take a big step when they bring whatever it is out of their secret lair.

Technically not possible. For 24 mp, it is needed actually 24million microlenses, with rgb filters, hence, they cannot be "combined" to 12 mp with 2 microlense giving 1 signal.

At least I cannot imagine something like that.

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