The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Jerry Fusselman wrote:

I don't plan to quibble on what beats means except to say that higher is better in these cases. Win a marathon by 0.01 seconds and you still won. You still beat the other guy.

Photography is not a race. That's a specious internet argument. (Hint: do you know what is the error margin for those measurements?)

I was mainly trying to show that Sony's best sensor is *not inferior* to Canon's best in low light. It is icing on the cake for it to be higher when told it surely must be much lower (and not going to catch up even in three years), even if higher by just a smidgen.

And here we are in violent agreement.

First, that 1-bit superiority in color depth is surely significant: It equals the standard improvement in color depth that you get when going from ISO 200 to ISO 100. That's plenty visible for many subjects.

For color depth? Take two shots, one at ISO 100 and one at ISO 200 and see if you can tell the difference when the EXIF is stripped.

Second, the low-light ISO score takes into account several issues

Nope. Read the last section on this page:

"An SNR value of 30dB means excellent image quality. Thus low-light ISO is the highest ISO setting for a camera that allows it to achieve an SNR of 30dB [...]."

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