The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Erik Magnuson wrote:

DxOmark needs to go back to graphing school, for the dots at each ISO are way too far too the left relative to the x-axis. That is, the first dots above are for ISO 100 (I'm almost sure), even though they look like they are for ISO 75 or so.

No, you don't understand what they are plotting: DxO plots their measured ISO, not what's set on the camera. For your low light case (set ISO to 1600 but brighten in post), where the lines actually cross the true ISO 1600 x-axis line is probably most meaningful.

You're right. Good catch.  In these graphs, they have substituted objective ISO for their subjective ISO estimates, but that's probably a good idea.  I have been talking only about ISO as dialed into the camera.

the A7r is either slightly better or much better (color sensitivity, which you omitted).

How did you decide that the 1.2 bits (using the camera marked ISO and not actual exposure) was "much" better? Can you see that difference?

Yes, I think so.  I am guessing that it can be more than 1000 times clearer than the difference between an 8-bit photograph and the 16-bit parent photograph.

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