Iridient Developer Question: Multiple/Redundant of same styles & settings

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Possible workflow?

slimandy wrote:

4054 wrote:

Silly Question,

Trying out Iridient and loving the results vs Lightroom.

I just tried it too. I've only loaded one image but already I prefer Lightroom. The colours from Iridient were wrong, or at least the reds were. Red was too bright and skin tone too magenta. I appreciate one image is a limited sample but already I am put off.

This is the shot. Not one for the wall, just a party picture. Taken with an X-T1, opened in Iridient and Lightroom, no processing, just saved to 1400 pixels wide and 72 d.p.i for web use. They look the same as the RAW files and have not suffered from downsizing.



I think the Lightroom file has held more detail too.

I see what you mean. Not sure if this helps or not but I'm using Thomas Fitzgerald workflow of Lightroom and Iridient, and I'm currently testing now.

Here is the video

So I use Iridient for all the sharpening methods and use Lightroom for the rest of the post production. Not sure if this is the most efficient but see if that works. If anybody has other methods please let me know!

Again, I am testing it too - but Iridient does provide slightly sharper details when pixel pushing. With that said, I don't like that I have two files - raw and tiff but that is unavoidable for now. Boo.

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