680/6.8 - Another Porch Sittin' Lens (6 imgs)

Started Jun 10, 2014 | Discussions thread
smafdy Regular Member • Posts: 494
Re: 680/6.8 - Another Porch Sittin' Lens (6 imgs)

Nice shots.

It might seem like a question with an obvious answer, that I'm somehow missing, but is a Nikon mount adapter necessary for this set up? (FWIW I've never used a teleconverter). Isn't the lens end of the 1.7 a receiving-end K mount?

I have a bunch of old Nikon glass I'd love to be able to use on my Pentax bodies, but so far, only third-party adapters with a glass element or elements will do the trick, and the vast majority, if not all, of these are reported to have the tendency to degrade the images they capture, to varying degrees, when compared to the lens on it's native mount, or when using a lens that can be adapted via a glassless (registration distance only) adapter.

What am I missing?


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