Still more FZ70 shots...

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Re: Still more FZ70 shots...

Rodger1943 wrote:

Once again ANAYV a brilliant series of shots from the FZ70. That camera copped a lot of flack when it was first released, some of it justified, like the poor burst rates, but its image quality also copped a lot of criticism. You have shown here and in your other posts (along with Vickie), that the image quality is excellent.
Panasonic FZ200

Thanks  again, Rodger!

The FZ70 has potential, but it seems a bit harder to bring it out.

Plus shooting in the 600 to 1200mm range is a new challenge, and will take some time to master it, I feel.

The FZ200 is still the bigger brother, IMHO (though it may be smaller,lol).


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