Any three lenses (but only three)

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Re: My three: 18/2.8 AF-D, 50/1.2 AI-S, 90mm AI-P equivalent

Felts wrote:

Ha, we seem to be treading down a similar path...

I too have recently picked up the 50mm 1.2 AIS! We seem to have a taste for the exotic glass

My Nikkor 50mm 1.2 AI-S was my first Nikon lens, in early 2011, which I used with a Novoflex adapter on a Canon 7D before I had a Nikon camera. I focused using magnified Live View.

Thanks for the mention regarding the 21mm Zeiss. It is a fabulous optic but I was just being a wet lettuce about its weight!! Still it was enough for me to sell it. It's build quality would certainly hold up over the decade...

Size/weight is also the reason that I have no interest in the 'trinity' lenses... that and they are zooms

I would not mind possessing the Nikkor 2.8 zoom "trinity," particularly the 14-24mm G and 70-200mm 2.8G VR II, but would need to rig a pack saddle upon my Siberian Husky mix, and let him tote the weight for me. Actually, however, at age ten, he is relatively older than I am, measured in "dog years," so he might feel the weight to be quite a burden, too.

Seriously, it would be wonderful to own the widest and longest of the trinity zooms, and I may buy the 14-24mm G as soon as next year, but for this forum topic, neither made the "cut," as I have tried neither, and I elected to select for light weight, and less bulk, in order to be able to tote all of them long distances on foot, preferably with two camera bodies, without obviously packing much gear.

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