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Re: Should we split the E-mount form, continuation

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

We need to spit this form to its usefulness.

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Spitting it would be without any value added, but perhaps a demonstration of what becomes of a dysfunctional family.

Why force cohabitation amid dysfunction? If it mean no more than a reduction in accusations of 'elitism', then I say some members of the 'family' should be allowed to move out and get their own place.

From an earlier comment you made to me today:

The only thing different about A-mount lenses is the designation itself.

A-mount is derived from Minolta AF, which predates the Sony purchase. A-mount native cameras are all mirror. Minolta AF 35mm evolved into Minolta then Sony APS-C and FF SLR and SLT models. This is a very different evolution compared to E-mount, even if the interchangeable aspect is mostly the same.

A mount follows closer to Canon and Nikon going from 35mm to APS-C and FF with same sensor variations for each, right down to the legacy compatibility (sans motor drive AF, depending).

You may not like price based forum splitting but that is exactly why the model you support has it.

Canon and Nikon use model line segregation because they have very long history and wide, varied inventory of digital bodies dating back many generations that combining them would cause such traffic as to make users of each 'class' alienated and have 'thread burial' happen too quickly.

This has less to do with price discrimination than with logistics and practicality, making sure each group gets a fair shake.

Canon has three forums on two sensor sizes: based on camera category. Same for Nikon. May be, then, NEX-7 deserves its own forum, to be joined only by a similar flagship model if it happens?

This looks purely on the face of the Canikon fora division as a cautionary strawman argument vs. segregation. The reality is, those other cameras are segregated for the reasons above, and are in no way indicative or 'logically leading to' the exclusion of the NEX-7 into its own forum.

These 'taking it to the next step' warnings against an alleged 'split-pocalypse' chain reaction lack historical basis. Look how hard it's been shown to divide THIS forum - there have now been two strong majority votes in favor of splitting. And it took a similar push to get NEX its own section. The likelihood of a NEX-7-only forum configuration is nil.

As the majority of people here clearly feel, benefits of having a segregated NEX/Alpha Xxxx E-mount crop forum vs. Alpha 7x FF forum would outweigh negatives. And from what I see, a bigger ratio of FF users want the split, which makes me wonder why some NEX/Alpha Xxxx/E-mount folks want to retain the A7 so badly. If anything, it's more likely that FF discussion will suffer more from being spun off the 4 year old, established NEX/E forum.

I do want to say on record that real elitism has no place here, and any FF owner that talks down APS-C is no better than a basic troll. Sensor size does not a photographer make.

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