For me A6000 + 55-210 not good for action

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Re: For me A6000 + 55-210 not good for action

Happy Jones wrote:

I admit I am not the best at this stuff so this may not apply to you. I set the A6000 up with all the proper settings recommended here and switched it to AF-C. The little PDAF focus boxes which I like were constantly showing what should be in focus. Much of the time they were wrong. Here is what happened.

This should have been easy. I pre-focused on home plate, but more than half the images would go wildly out of focus. Here you can see it out of focus - in focus - back out of focus.

Here is another example. It starts out in focus - next are out of focus.

I tried everything I could all morning and the same thing happened over and over. Maybe it is something unique to this camera. Maybe you will get better results. I can only say that after 2 hours of trying I could never get continuous good results. I also learned that after a burst the camera would be unable and say "writing to memory card". It is a new card and one of the fastest I could find so I can't blame the card.

I wish everyone better luck. Mine is going back.

For this type of photography you have two options. (a) A top-of-the-range SLR or SLT with a good zoom lens. (b) Any NEX or other E-mount camera with a good manual telephoto prime or zoom lens.

With the manual lens, you can take your time and focus on the action zones before the game begins and make a mental note of the distances. During the game, you simply set the relevant distance on the scale as you point the lens at the action. Use of the LCD is recommended as you can peek at the lens distance scale while composing the shot.

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