Opinion on Panasonic G3+100-300 for African safari

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Re: Opinion on Panasonic G3+100-300 for African safari

Michael J Davis wrote:

hindesite wrote:

Rajeshb wrote:

Hi HTH, thank you for your opinion. Those were some very good suggestions and I will try to follow them, specially the ones about dust and the binocular. The safari company we are using, will supply bean bags during the safari and I think it will be more convenient than the monopod.

Your decision and bean bags are a really good idea, but I'd still take a monopod - generally you can only use a bean bag on your side of the vehicle, I was often shooting across the vehicle, easily done with the narrow FOV of the 100-300. Often to shoot across the vehicle you need to stand up, too, especially for subjects close by.

Bean bags have one advantage - they absorb some of the vibration from a motorised vehicle. A monopod (or tripod) will transmit engine vibrations through to the camera. Personally I find the monopod keeps mesteady and then I buffer the camera!

True enough about the vibration, but our driver always stopped the motor if we were taking photos; well worth asking for this kind of consideration.

Besides, you can't hear the wildlife if the motor is running. Might as well watch it on TV.

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