Photographer assaulted for taking pictures.

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Only 'Inappropriate' In That People are Paranoid (Re: Photographer assaulted for taking pictures.)

Not only was the photographer not breaking any laws, I don't see where he was out-of-line in anyway at all either. What is with this nonsense that people are coming up with that says you can't take photos at a beach? Seriously? It's part of the public arena just as much as any other place is. What in the WORLD makes people think there is supposed to be this "iron curtain" fenced around beach areas forbidding cameras is beyond me.

No sir. Those pictures you see on postcards or in those "Places to See" books of the lake or beach, with "environmental" pictures of people enjoying themselves as part of the scenery, where do you think those photos come from? They don't come from people submitting their own snapshots voluntarily, typically they come from someone who is writing the book or whatever taking their OWN photos of what they are seeing. They have every bit as much right to do that at a beach as they do anywhere else in the public realm. There's nothing indecent about it.

These people complaining and saying it's inappropriate are being paranoid. To them I say--get over it. Tough tamales. You're being ridiculous and you might as well give it up. Unless someone is practically angling up your underwear, you have no basis of complaint whatsoever.

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