The Sony A7s - Birders' dream camera?

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Re: The Sony A7s - Birds vs. Wildlife (Resolution vs. Sensitivity?)

parallaxproblem wrote:

Danny (NZMacro) uses MF techniques for BIF and gets excellent results. However only the highly-skilled can do this, and even after a lot of pratice this year I am still finding MF for birds beyond my abilities. AF performance is important for most 'ordinary people' shooting birds

I would agree (fast) AF is important for most people shooting moving targets.  I cut my teeth on cameras with no electronics of any sort; AF is sort of a novelty to me.  I like manual focus.  It "connects" me to the target in a way AF (just) doesn't and allows me to "follow" the target while shooting continuous mode...  But Focus Peaking certainly makes life easier!


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