Any three lenses (but only three)

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Re: Any three lenses (but only three)

I'm curious about Nikon FX lenses used as a system, so I'd like to pose this thought experiment.

Bad Experiment.

If you could pick any three lenses for a Nikon FX camera, and they would be given to you for free, but those would be the ONLY three lenses you would be allowed to use for the next decade, which three lenses would you choose?

That is to limited, but OK when i'm forced to use only 3 Nikon Lenses on a Nikon D800S Camera.

  • 24mm F/1.4G.
  • 85mm F/1.4G.
  • 200mm F/2G.

It wouldn't matter which lenses you already owned, because they would all be confiscated, and you couldn't turn down the deal.


All you could do was choose which three lenses you would use exclusively for the next decade.

10 Years ?

just choose what YOU would want for your own needs if you could only have three lenses but they could be any three regardless of price.

I want other Lenses...

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