Spring Flowers using the Sigma 24-105mm F4 DG (OS) HSM and the the Sigma 70mm F2.8 EX DG Macro lens

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Re: The limits to gamut

Nancy and Pete Spader wrote:

Thanks Ted. I have not given up on getting a processing path that will do better than what we have now and will capture more than we can now capture (though as long as band-width is a problem for web-sites we will always have problems sharing what we get beyond sRGB). It is just that we have to recognize there are and always will be limits to what we can get. Since we do not know exactly where they are it is still worth pushing the envelope as far as we can!

Indeed, one such limit is our expectation of rendered image color vs. scene color, I find. Even though our camera sensors can capture 'colors' far outside of the xyY horseshoe it is of course impossible to render on, for example, a sRGB monitor - and the so-called 'wide gamut' monitors are not that much better, IMHO, not that I've ever seen one.

So we can never reproduce the exact look of cactus flowers but, as you say, we do our best.

For this purpose, I find ColorThink invaluable but it does cost a buck or two. In their 3D view, it is easy to see over-saturated colors crammed up against a standard color space boundary and, by experimentation, back off the ProPhoto working space saturation, re-save as sRGB until the crammed color(s) in ColorThink spread out a bit. I find that as little as about -0.3 on the saturation slider does the job for many 'saved as sRGB' shots. The main point here is having the feedback from ColorThink rather than gazing at an image and wondering.

A bit like my diabetes: I can use the tester to see the blood sugar level or I can guess from how I feel

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