Can't separate to filters !

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Rikochett New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Can't separate to filters !

lukimon wrote:

Wow that's amaizing. Thanks so much for this - I had a CP stuck to a UV filter, 77mm so hard to hold. Was stuck for ages.... I tried the trick above - just turning the free moving ring of the CP anti-clockwise and after a short while it loosened. Brilliant.

Wow, I just got to say this trick is unbelievable.  I tried heating with a hair drier, carefully applying liquid propane, (canned air upside down) and it would not work.  I was afraid to apply to much pressuepre as to bend the rings and make it impossible to seperate.  Read this post and twisted the free moving part counter clock wise and whala, came off as easily as you would put one on.

I was like.......REALLY?!?!?

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