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Re: I'm thinking of selling my XE1 for a X100, need your suggestion.

Les Lammers wrote:

mistermejia wrote:

Les Lammers wrote:

Jen Ford wrote:

I've seen great images from both cameras - more MP is not too much of a consideration - the little camera is meant to be daily use camera - supplemented by my oly system camera and my Canon dSlr . Hear talk about bad skin tones from the newer 100s - Not sure the extra money is worth the advantages.

Get a nice used X-100 with a S/N of 21XXX and be happy. Excellent images and there is no controversy with RAW processing.

Les Lammers, let me ask you something. When you say there is no controversy in raw processing with the X100, does this mean that you get easier, faster, and better FUJI looking images when you shoot with your Bayer X100 vs the Xtrans XE1? What's your opinion on this?

I ask because I have never shot with a Bayer sensor before, and I have started to feel that for me to take the FULL advantage of a Fuji camera in RAW, then maybe a Xtrans sensor is not for me after all.

I see a huge difference when i edit my RAW files with my S5 Pro in LR vs the XE1, the files from the S5 beat the bootie out of my XE1, and in less than one minute I am done with a photo from my S5. Obviously this has not been the case with the XE1 since i finally started shooting with it in RAW.

but by now i know that many RAW converters do their own thing, each in their own little way and there are some inconsistencies and cons in each of them. At least this is what i can see so far.

I honestly don't have the time and intention to make this photography hobby of mine so complicated. I just don't have time. 90% of the time that i am involved in these forums is because i am at work and my job permits me the time to be writing here, but once i get home, that's it, my time goes somewhere else and i don't have time to be downloading different converters and mastering them. Is simple as that, and honestly, i like Lightroom's workflow a lot better

Dudes, I just want to enjoy taking photos and editing them quick with great great results, and mostly, based on what i have seen, I don't think i am getting the true Fuji color output out of my XE1, whether i am using LR or PN, or Lightzone or whatever.

Now, having said all that, since you own all these sensors, do you think that i will get better and faster results with a Bayer sensor from the 12 MP X100 when shooting RAW, vs. My 16MP XE1? I am going to guess that the answer will be yes, but like i said, i have never used a Fuji with a Bayer sensor and shot RAW with it.

On top of that, from what i recall, i believe the X100 does have a much faster flash zinc speed as well?

What is your and everyone else's opinion on this? Like i said, i am NOT a brand or model loyal, i just want to shoot and have fun, but i do want to get the best images out of a Fuji camera as fast as i can.



Keep your XE-1 and try Capture One Express or use the in camera RAW processing when you NEED to use RAW. There are many died in the wool RAW users who never use JPEG. Most of the time with Fuji, IMHO, it is not necessary. I do shoot RAW + JPEG for insurance but often delete the RAW files. I am a hobbyist too and do not want to spend more time processing images than I have to. There are many very good PP programs available today. Try the trial versions and use the one that YOU like best. If you like LR use it and see the first sentence. Adobe does have, IMHO, more free tutorials than most other programs. You will find the workflow that is best for you. KISS is what I like.

The X-100 has a Bayer sensor and RAW is easy to process but I don't often need it.

Hope this helps.

Yes this helps. Thanks for the tips. Why is it that you "don't often need" to process the RAW files from the X100, is it because you perform in-camera RAW processing and that works for you?

Also, does the in-camera RAW processing eliminate or corrects or improves if you over exposed highlights?

What does it do if you underexpose does it brighten the image?

After you perform RAW in-camera processing, is that file STILL in a RAW format so that i can still import it to a RAW converter to edit it some more?

I'll try that when i get home tonight I guess. One of the reasons why i might also switch to the X100 is because of it's more superior flash zinc speed. I'm not so sure i am happy with the XE1 slow sync speed because i do use external flash a lot. I'll have to see about this one and honestly i am not sure i want to be performing in-camera RAW processing on 100+ photos  

Thanks man!

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