6D oddity, why is every second photo better?

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Re: 6D oddity, why is every second photo better?

Spad16 wrote:

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I’d certainly agree with saraleclaire about the first press causing shake, but it doesn’t really explain why odd and even numbers continue to be sharper during a long burst. Even so I do think it’s to do with micro shaking, probably something physical. Anyway it’s not a problem just a curiosity. The lens is unstabilized Phil, so IS is not an issue either. And Mike , I’m afraid that nearly all my prop jobs were shaky this time, trying to go for 1/125 sek was a step too far! What I’m talking about here is exposure times around 1/2000 on the 400/5.6 with 1.4TC, most photos are sharp, just strange that every other shot is less so. Heres my settings:

1 Stop focus search

0 Same for both vertic/horiz

Tracking sensitivity halfway to the left toward Locked on

Accel/decel tracking 0

AI Servo 1st image Focus (far right)

AI Servo 2nd image Focus (far right)

and heres a couple from last weekend.


Hawker Hunter (ex Swiss machine)

SAAB Safir

Strange. Not sure what to suggest then. Did you notice any difference with and without the TC? Wonder if that was slowing the lens down just that little and causing the camera to need more time to AF? Although I used a kenko 1.4 with my 400 5.6 I haven't done it a lot. Mostly its the bare 400 or the 70-300L and never noticed any problems like you describe. Sorry.

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