The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

spacemn wrote:

What are you trying to insinuate in one of your usual sensationalist posts here? Sony FF sensors are on par with Canon FF sensors?

That for low-light performance, there is not a significant difference.

First of all try to compare the best Sony FF sensor (the 36Mpix sensor) with the Canon, although the conclusion is not much different:

I was comparing the most recent Nikon and Canon made FF sensors to the closest Sony equivalent.

Yes, at very high ISO the FF sensors do not exert big differences in IQ, whether it being SNR, DR, tonal range or colour sensitivity.

I think you can leave out the "very".

However at base ISO the Sony A7R is whopping 2 stops better than the Canon 6D and 1 stop better than the Nikon Df, AND we haven't even looked at the resolution yet.

Yes, the on-sensor ADC of the Sony sensors really helps here. (Neither the Df nor 6D have this.)  But the claim was not about low ISO DR.

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