The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

nevercat wrote:

And that is why Canon came with the Rebel SL1? Many people like small cameras.

I think many like light as much as small.

Long telelenses almost allways are used on tripods,

It depends on your definition of long. The common 70-300mm zoom on crop cameras is almost never used on a tripod.

Where is the law that a mirrorlless camera can't be bigger?

One easy way to is have a removable grip that can also add battery capacity.

Lens systems of mirrorless systems are grown up and already almost serve all needs of professional photographers.

Most photographers? Yes. Pro photographers? No way. What lenses do pros tend to carry?

Nobody needs 200 lenses in a system any more in a world, where zoom lenses are almost as good as primes and speed can be compensated by incredible high ISO capability of modern sensors. The average user still only has the kit lens + maybe a 50mm and a wide angle.

Now you are making the correct switch between "pro" and "average user".

Yes and when a system has those lenses it is good enough for them. Many of the Canikon lenses are duplicates or triplicates of other lenses in their lineup.

Usually a different cost-performance ratio.

And you know what? All these marvelous lenses and many more from other brands and times, can be adapted to the mirrorless cameras!

Only a fraction will try this when a native AF lens is available.

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