The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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yes, I did testing side-by-side; did you miss that?

Donny out of Element here wrote:

Sorry, but that's nonsense. Nikon's flagship DSLR is a much better autofocusing camera than the A6000 (I have been testing them side-by-side for more than a month.) I have no desire to own the D4S, and in fact, I own an NEX-7. I much prefer small mirrorless cameras, and I hope they thrive. And the A6000 is indeed a very good autofocusing camera. But the D4S is a great autofocus performer -- clearly better.

In fact testing was done side by side and yes A6000 was fastest from all mirrorless cameras, but BTW just barely behind D4S. It was done with FE70-200 f4. So while you are correct about D4S is a better AF camera, it's not by any margin a much better, just a little better.

I've done very extensive testing. I've shot several thousand pictures with the A6000 and the FE 70-200 f4 of soccer (football), flag football (American), sprinters, joggers, bicyclists, dogs at play, birds in flight and much more. I shot all those subjects with the D4S, too, in the same shooting sessions. The D4S is much better.

Now, the D4S is also much better than any $650 DSLR (from Nikon or anyone else). The A6000's AF is perfectly competitive with any camera at or near its price range. That's the important point. I'm not criticizing the A6000's AF performance, which is impressive for its price. But the D4S is a lot better, as it should be.

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