The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

Erik Magnuson wrote:

the decent exposure wrote:

A) who has the worlds best full frame sensors today?

It is sony for sure and not Canikon.

Best how?

Using DxO, the sensors in the Nikon Df and Canon 6D have slightly better SNR 18% than the one in the Sony A7. They have better DR above ISO 1600. Same or better tonal range across most ISOs. The Sony has better low ISO DR. It's color sensitivity starts out a little better than the Nikon at base ISO then falls to the same as the Canon at high ISO. Really it's the mainly low ISO DR the Sony sensors shows a significant improvement (due to the on sensor ADC.)

Of course you know that in the Sony corporate structure, the Digital Imaging Group (that makes cameras) is connected to the Semiconductor Group (that makes sensors) only in that they share the same CEO at the tippy-top.

What are you trying to insinuate in one of your usual sensationalist posts here? Sony FF sensors are on par with Canon FF sensors?

First of all try to compare the best Sony FF sensor (the 36Mpix sensor) with the Canon, although the conclusion is not much different:

Yes, at very high ISO the FF sensors do not exert big differences in IQ, whether it being SNR, DR, tonal range or colour sensitivity. However at base ISO the Sony A7R is whopping 2 stops better than the Canon 6D and 1 stop better than the Nikon Df, AND we haven't even looked at the resolution yet. I think there is a good reason why DXOMark overall rates the Canon FF almost as the Sony APS-C sensors.

Try to be more balanced in your views even if you try to spur up a surprise conclusion to support an agenda only you know about.

Now that you have entered this thread I also expect this thread to reach the limit of posts within the next 24 hrs. It was so nice to see you get silenced in your mission to flame Sony with their FE lenses by comparing with Canon plastic fantastic lenses, but ok, feel free to have another cynical stab at the mirrorless world.

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