The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: It won't take years, just 1 year

Philnw2 wrote:

I agree with your comment, except for the last sentence. It won't take a lot of years

In the last CIPA report, for Jan, Feb March of 2014,

Column 4 is for Jan Feb Mar of 2014 compared to the same period a year previously.

A. DSLRs shipments were 82.7% for this 3 months from the previous year, 2.1 million cameras

B. Mirrorless shipments were 115.7% for this 3 months from the previous year, 0.7 million cameras

In the last 6 months there have been 8 new mirrorless models (excluding non-Japanese makers) and only 4 new DSLR/SLTs (1200D/D3300/A77-II/D4s.)   Since this is shipments and not sales, you should expect that new models would dominate so as to fill the distribution channel.

So for ILC sales, mirrorless is currently about 1/3 of overall ILC sales. At this rate,

Assuming "this rate" carries forward is a huge assumption.

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