Opinion on Panasonic G3+100-300 for African safari

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Re: Panasonic G3+100-300 for African safari ( Yes !)

Since you will want Lighter weight AND Far Far reach, I'd take the G3 and 100-300 Panny.
Use a lens hood for glare, and ( Since you do much low light tripod photography )
A mono-pod for low low light stability for the animals.
Sequential exposure ( - always )

SPF 50 Sunblocker
30% DEET Bug repellant ( God knows whats out there !)
BIG floppy hat
Water Water everywhere.
Have a great trip !

Hi everybody,

greetings. This is my first post in m4/3rd forum and I am bothering you with a question.

I will be working in Africa this summer as an intern and after my work finishes, my wife will join me in Tanzania for a safari. My wife uses a Pana G3 only when we travel (she is a casual photographer) and I use a Nikon D7000 (I am a serious landscape photographer).


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