What feature pleases you the most for new camera purchase

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Truman Prevatt
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Re: Dynamic Range - Megapixels - AF-ON

Al Giordano wrote:

My Top 3:

Dynamic Range - It wasn't until I had did I know I really wanted it. I used to struggle with DR in the Darkroom, using digital and with the D800 especially, it's a dream to be able to tone down highlights and bring up shadows in post for otherwise lost photos due to poor exposure.

Megapixels - the resolution and detail compared to my D700 and other cameras I've owned is astounding.

AF-ON - I never used it until the D800 and now I am lost without it. Any new camera MUST have it.

I am a B&W photographer.  I spent years developing the developing skills and techniques to master matching dynamic range of the subject to that of my film.  I first tried digital with the D200 and was appalled with the lack of dynamic range of the cameras of the day.  I decided to just keep shooting film until a camera came out with sufficient resolution without an AA filter and with sufficient dynamic range to rival B&W film.

After seeing enough reviews - particularly the DXO Mark review, I decided to try the D800E.  That did it - my film days are over.  My only complaint is the D800E is a bit big and heavy.  Having sufficient dynamic range to realize my vision and the resolution to pull it off is the key to why I am very satisfied with the D800E.

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