The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

JonTafferOfPhotography wrote:

Jerry Fusselman wrote:

JonTafferOfPhotography wrote:

that said, I think we are several years (3-8 years or more) away from mirrorless cameras that perform (viewfinder/AF) in low light like a DSLR.

Which DSLR performs as well in low light as a Sony alpha a7s?

so you are saying your EVF doesn't lag in low light?


what about the difference in AF speed in lowlight? it's pretty huge compared to the difference for a DSLR.

these are just facts, don't be a fanboy.

The fact you don't know how the EVF of the A7 works in low light show how little your knowledge is about these cameras, then how are your statements of any value in this thread?? To me you sound more of a belittled fan boy than the people you accuse.

EVF lag is almost non existent. In almost total darkness, where all will be totallydark in an OVF, you will be able to see are better exposed but grainier picture in the EVF and maybe a bit of lag, but do you shoot many fast moving objects in the dark??

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