State of the art in upsizing algorithms?

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Re: State of the art in upsizing algorithms?

wchutt wrote:

Just let the printer firmware do it.

A number of experienced people seems to disagree with you:

"Well, you image data does get transformed to 360ppi but it's not by the print driver, it's the OS level print pipeline that does it does it with a relatively poor bilinear algorithm. So, if you want the optimal results, you should consider upsampling the image data using a better algorithm in your image app or output app."

I believe that the most agreed-upon way to print for "optimal quality" is to resize images <=300/360 dpi (Canon/Epson) to 300/360 dpi, and those >300/360 dpi to 600/720dpi, then apply final sharpening.

The engineers who designed the printing algorithms know are the best people to design the upsizing algorithms.

The engineers at Epson etc ought to have a deep knowledge about the appearance of the dot pattern and halftoning algorithm of their printers. Those people have zero knowledge about the actual image that I may be processing at any given time, or my intents with it.

Even if they are excellent at their line of work, practical considerations (execution time, memory usage, backwards compability, OS APIs...) may mean that the released product/code does not reflect their skill or the state-of-the-art.


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