What feature pleases you the most for new camera purchase

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Re: What feature pleases you the most for new camera purchase

My first body was D300. It was great but it is not full frame... and I find ISO 1000 and above not as usable as I would have like.

So I got the D700 and I love the cleaner higher ISO. But the 12 MP means I can't be lazy when I shoot. The focus seemed better but D300 was no slow either. My dream would be the D3s (not D3) but cost wise not practical for me. Was waiting for D700 successor and for them to upgrade D700 to include video and better focusing and cleaner higher ISO.

But they disappointed me by releasing D800/e still I got the D800e and love the higher MP. Because it gave me more room to crop and more room to edit without losing much IQ. Love that the higher ISO is slightly better. Love the sharpness. The lower fps didn't bother me. Love that it can take video but I only used it once if at all. Love the increased dynamic range. Love the better WB especially for skin but I still have to re-touch a bit. The focus seemed better for me. The ability to focus at f/8 and low-light better than D700. Hated the SD card as I prefer CF but I still get CF in D800e. Hated they change the zoom in and out button but this is a small matter. Again D4s (not D4) is my dream. Yes if the rumored specs of D800s is true, this would have been my preferred D700 successor but I guess I am still happy with D800e.

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