The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

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Re: The Economist article on mirrorless cameras

Jerry Fusselman wrote:

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Jerry Fusselman wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

Jerry Fusselman wrote:

JonTafferOfPhotography wrote:

that said, I think we are several years (3-8 years or more) away from mirrorless cameras that perform (viewfinder/AF) in low light like a DSLR.

Which DSLR performs as well in low light as a Sony alpha a7s?

The A7s looks similar to Nikon Df or that Canon sensor, that was announced a year ago, which was able to shoot in very low light. Why do you think it will perform any differently? The raw sensor performance of all of those cameras is pretty much the same as any other modern FF sensor. I'm sure A7s raw files won't be much better in terms of noise than A7 or A7r, unless Sony cooks them. You can't violate the laws of physics, all modern FF sensors are less than 1 stop from the physical limit (an ideal sensor). Their low light capabilities are all about the noise reduction.

According to DXOmark, the a7r sensor already beats every Canon camera (I own mostly Canon equipment) in low-light ISO performance. The a7s sensor is going to blow the a7r sensor out of the water for low-light performance. It is not easy to imagine Canon or Nikon catching up this year.

It has a low light sensor, but without the low light AF. dont you understand how stupidly perverse that is?

Both your premise and conclusion seem faulty to me. First, we don't know much yet about the EVF and AF in low light for this camera, and your statement that it has no low-light AF is likely quite false. Second, I personally use MF much more often than AF, and the a7s sounds like a winner for me, but we'll see about that. Not everyone requires top-flight AF. I don't insist that everyone must love the a7s.

More to the point, you seem to be attempting to change the subject from your earlier statement that the a7s sensor could not be better in low light than Canon's best. I am fairly sure that that will prove to be false in the coming months. That's what I was addressing in my paragraph. That was my focus.

if you are in a speciality niche,  you will benefit from a speciality niche camera.  however don't act like this camera is not a low light  non-sequitur.   We've already seen this once, with the nikon Df.  so stupid.

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